Our Policy

At Iracoda Construction, terms such as quality and safety are not just empty words, they are what we stand for, as well as they are an integral part of who we are as a company and what we are trying to achieve. We believe in being responsible not only to ourselves but to our clients, to our community and to the environment. To that end, we have established key policies that give INL the foundations that the company sets its priorities on.

  • Quality control & Management

    The INL Quality Control Management plan was designed with the objective of ensuring the client's satisfaction with the quality of both the work achieved in the construction stage and with the finished product. Each project, regardless of size, has a dedicated quality team to assess everything from the materials used to the method of construction to site cleanliness.

  • Health & Safety

    The health and safety of our workers is a paramount concern with INL. At all times the emphasis is on working safely and mitigating risks associated with construction. Our HSE plan is an in-depth document that determines the best way to work in most conditions. It institutes the policy of training and re-training sta ffto be prepared for any possible situation. We are committed to protecting the health and safety of all people working at or visiting our site.We plan, manage, conduct and supervise all our work in compliance with legislation and best practice.

  • Environmental Impact

    The ultimate goal is to positively affect society and be an agent through which it grows and develops. In order to do this, we must protect the environment in which the society lives. Construction can be a leading cause of pollution and disruption to the environment. INL works hard to minimize and mitigate this negative effect (for example through control of waste and run-of) so it does not undermine what we are attempting to achieve according to our environmental policy and our management system.

  • Social Responsibility

    Construction is a force for progress and improvement. Through our civil projects INL has been able to foster growth but we also seek to do this through more social and dedicated projects. With policies like obtaining local labor primarily from host communities and retaining supply and sub-contractor jobs for local businesses, INL directly adds to the community's economy. INL has also delivered Community & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects such as constructing boreholes for drinking water in communities, providing financial aid and doing rehabilitation on civic buildings.

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